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About Us

Since 1989, Carousels and Ships Gift Shop (that cute little beach shop between Dream Machine and Joseph's) at Nantasket Beach, has been selling good beach stuff at great prices! It started quite by accident, around 1989, when Ken, the sunglass salesman went to see Rick Lawrence of the Dream Machine arcade. It seemed that Rick had a beachfront location that the Dream Machine wanted to stock and open. Rick said to Ken, 'the sunglasses are fine, why don't you buy them and take the location while you are at it!! Ken said 'why not?' and was open for business three days later. That's how it all began… Jan joined Ken about 4 years later, and the rest is history!

"We love what we do; our customers are the best! Friendly and approachable, we aim to make our customers happy. We sell "Hull" and "Nantasket Beach" logo-ed clothing, beachwear, beach chairs, umbrellas, sand toys and games, towels, gifts, souvenirs, and a whole lot more.

Now with the seasonal beach store and our online store , you can shop with us 24/7!