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Welcome to Carousels and Ships Gift Shop

Welcome to our new website!

Carousels and Ships Gift Shop is the place to shop, online, or at our two locations, one on Nantasket Beach, and the other in the Kenberma shopping area in Hull, Massachusetts.

For nearly 30 years we've been one of the best beach stores on the South Shore. We are known for our friendly sales associates, great customer service, and unbelievably reasonable prices. "You can really shop here!" We sell quality clothing and everything one would need for the beach and summer fun.

Next time you visit Nantasket Beach, see us at 187 Nantasket Ave.(seasonal) or at our downtown location at 532 Nantasket Ave. You can always give us a call at 781-925-0030 for questions about the merchandise in our stores or help with your online order.